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Data Visualization Cheat Sheet 

Choosing the right visualization to tell your story is important, as the wrong visualization can cause confusion and distract your audience.  We walk you through dozens of visualization types and how to best use them to get your point across.  

How to effectively use drill-downs

Tips on choosing the right visualization

Why Embed Analytics


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Turn Business Intelligence into a Profit Center

Use your data to create new analytics products you can sell.  Getting these applications to market fast is important, but building an analytics application will take months.  Embedding analytics reduces your time to market by up to 10x. 

BI as a Profit Center

Create the Analytics Your Customers Want

Your customers are asking for BI solutions.  You need a fast, flexible way to deliver them without a ton of development.  Embedding analytics is a low overhead way to do it.  

embed analytics

Deliver Self-Service BI People will Love

Want to increase data-driven decisions? Embedding analytics gives your teams access to powerful BI tools within the applications they use every day.

increase customer satisfaction
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