How do you overcome the challenge of extracting mobile app usage data for consistent and accurate analysis?

For Skratch, a mobile platform designed to connect teens with ‘gigs’, they knew the data being collected with MongoDB was invaluable to their ability to keep up with usage trends and opportunities for growth. However, they didn’t have an easy way to extract it. 

How Mobile App Developers Are Analyzing Behind-the-Scenes IoT Data in Real-Time

Mobile application developers need to have sufficient insight into the data collected from their mobile apps.  In the past, that was hard to do in real-time without a lot of engineering. The emergence of IoT data analysis tools, like Knowi, have given these brands the ability to access information that is dynamic and real-time.

During this webinar, we will explore how Knowi helped Skratch overcome this challenge and gave them the capability to easily access real-time data. For Skratch, the impact has been transformational.  

Ronen Akiva
CTO, Skratch

You Will Learn

An introduction to Skratch and the challenges they were facing when it came to using their data.

A live demonstration of how their data is now delivered in a real-time, dynamic dashboard.

Why they decided to use Knowi to visualize IoT data collected from their mobile app and stored in MongoDB.

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Web Seminar

Scott Bennett
CEO, Skratch