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Importing Data into MongoDB Collection

Learn how import data into a MongoDB collection (optional).

Native Analytics on MongoDB


Learn how to natively perform analytics and create multiple visualizations without ODBC drivers or moving data.

Create Geo-Cluster Visualization


Using New York City Restaurant Data Set, create a geo-spatial visualization with drill-downs.

About the Author

Jay Gopalakrishnan is the Founder and CEO of Knowi, formerly Cloud9 Charts, the leading native analytics platform on NoSQL databases.  Jay has been in the data business for decades.  Before founding Cloud9 Charts, Jay was founding engineer at Goodmail and Mowingo and Head of Product at Demandforce.

Jay Gopalakrishnan
Founder and CEO, Knowi

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Native Analytics on MongoDB Tutorial cover

Business Analytics on MongoDB in 5 Simple Steps 

Learn how create business-ready data visualizations and dashboards in 20-min without moving your data out of MongoDB

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Jay Gopalakrishnan
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