How Stock Card Achieved Self-Service Business Intelligence with Knowi

Extracting, compiling and formatting data to make decisions does not tend to be efficient or fast companies of all sizes. Data is unstructured, silo’d and requires technical expertise to access. So how can you be a lean, data-driven and fast organization without hiring more and more people?

In this webinar, we are joined by Hoda Mehr, CEO of Stock Card. She will share how they went from an organization tangled with an unmanageable amount of data to their ‘aha moment’ when they discovered how easy data consumption could be using Knowi.  

You Will Learn

Who is Stock Card and how were they extracting, compiling and making sense of data collected in MongoDB prior to Knowi.

How Knowi has changed the way they use data to measure impact and make decisions. 

Their discovery of Knowi's self-service BI tool that required no technical experience to use.

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Web Seminar

Hoda Mehr
CEO & Co-Founder, Stock Card